Lots of things that we’ve talking about for the last couple months. Time to push some pixels and code and breath life into these objective. Let’s meet and work on driving the Open Soure Design movement forward. Everyone who wants to contribute is welcome :)

Results & ToDos

  • [X] Got a basic homepage up @jancborchardt
  • [X] Got a Jobs page up @simonv3
  • [X] Made progress on Shout IRC theming @bnvk
  • [X] Made progress on customizing Shout backend @tOkeshu
  • [X] Recruited a new fan potential contributor @tthew
  • [X] Explored using prose.io @mayarichman
  • [ ] Finish up IRC theme
  • [ ] Keep polishing and refining site and such

Date & Location

  • Date: Sat, 25 April 2015
  • Time: 14:00 – 18:00 CET (UTC +1:00)
  • Where: @bnvk Haus
    • Gneisenaustraße 52
    • Kreuzberg, Berlin
    • Near U7-Südstern stop
  • Where (remote): Participate via video chat

Specific Topics

  • Getting a site up at opensourcedesign.net
  • Decentralized user friendly web messaging tools
    • Modifying & improving the UX of using Shout IRC client
    • WebRTC messaging craziness by @tOkeshu
  • Finishing up slideshow presentation “Free & Usable”