interface design
UI designer

I’m the main developer of raml2html: a Node.js package that outputs a single HTML page from a RAML file describing your API. Many people (including Google!) are using this project to generate their API docs: more then 6000 people download raml2html per month. There have been 59 releases so far, it’s actively maintained.

The current HTML templates are pretty basic and based on Bootstrap. Please have a look at a pretty simple example file or a much more complex one. It’s not very pretty and misses its own “soul” but it got the job done with the best of my abilities. There are some UX problems that really need to be solved, most importantly the use of modals which many people have complained about. The docs can be very complex though, with many nested resources and their methods. Having them all open and visible at once would be useless, but the current system of collapsing/expanding containers in combination with modals isn’t great either. For example it also makes it impossible to search for anything.

I’m looking for a designer that can make sense of all the information that needs to be presented in a user friendly manner, and at the same time make it look awesome. This is a labor of love, I can’t pay anything. You’d make a useful open source project a whole lot better and even more useful to a lot of people.

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