Let’s meet and work on driving the Open Soure Design movement forward! Everyone who wants to contribute is welcome.

Results & todos!

We discussed via conference call and etherpad what we want to achieve with this movement. These are the next steps for everyone who attended to make that real:

  • Brennan: get the IRC web chat (Matrix) set up so others can join
  • Danila: aggregate existing open source design projects and their processes
  • Jan: put the “what we want to achieve” up as a first opensourcedesign.net frontpage
  • Kriesse: collect resources for how to make designers contributors
  • Gilli: create guidelines on how designers and developers can communicate better
  • Implement a Code of Conduct, e.g. like http://hood.ie/code-of-conduct/ (talk to Jan Lehnardt about forking this, also see: https://adainitiative.org/2014/02/howto-design-a-code-of-conduct-for-your-community/) If you want to join, just pick a task from the pad or do something you are interested in to drive the initiative forward! :)

What we want to achieve with Open Source Design (not a damn manifesto! :D)

  • open up the design process (Danila)

    • find existing projects with open design processes (Mozilla, Canonical)
    • aggregate design blogs of open source projects
  • make designers contributors (Kriesse)

    • git workshops
    • provide resources about how to collaborate for designers
    • meetups / events / hackathons for designers who want to contribute to OS
    • work with design students at university (Jan)
    • think about how to make OS contributions more rewarding and attractive for designers
  • communication between designers and developers (Gilli)

    • easier way to use IRC (Brennan, Jan, Gilli)
    • a job board for designers to find open source projects (Brennan, Jan) – check to collaborate with OpenHatch: http://openhatch.org/
    • develop guidelines on how to write documentation, issues, comments that designers (or non-technical contributors in general) can work with (Kriesse)
    • create guidelines on how to present a design to a community with reasoning. And how the community can review the design in a constructive way. (Gilli)
  • connect the existing open source design community (Jan)

    • FOSDEM open source design devroom, Libre Graphics Meeting
    • go to conferences of other open source projects: Guadec
    • approach open source companies in supporting the open source design movement
  • funding for open source design (Brennan)

    • approach foundations who already fund open source projects: NLnet, Knight Foundation, Shuttleworth
    • contact agencies
  • showcase existing open source design material

    • icons, fonts, templates
    • workflows
  • work on improving the design of open source projects

    • UX reviews, consulting

Date & location

Date: Sun, 15 March 2015

Time: 13:00–18:00

The Crypto Palace (aka @bnvk’s haus)

Gneisenaustraße 52,

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Near U7-Südstern stop

View on Open Street Maps

Specific topics

  • design slide decks that we can present at conferences and to interested people
  • work on a proper opensourcedesign.net website
  • creating a job board which brings together projects with design needs and designers willing to help
  • figure out how to make the IRC channel more accessible to e.g. designers
  • … add your plans!


Date & Location

  • Date: Sun, 15 March 2015
  • Time: 13:00–18:00 CET (UTC +1:00)
  • Location: bnvk Haus/online