What We Want to Achieve

1. Open up the design process

  • Find existing projects with open design processes, e.g. Mozilla, Canonical
  • Aggregate design blogs of open source projects

2. Make designers contributors

  • Git workshops
  • Provide resources about how to collaborate for designers
  • Meetups / events / hackathons for designers who want to contribute to OS
  • Work with design students at university
  • Think about how to make OS contributions more rewarding and attractive for designers

3. Communication between designers and developers

  • An open job board for designers to find open source projects
  • Develop guidelines on how to write documentation, issues, comments that designers (or non-technical contributors in general) can work with
  • Create guidelines on how to present a design to a community with reasoning. And how the community can review the design in a constructive way

4. Connect the existing open source design community

  • FOSDEM open source design devroom, Libre Graphics Meeting
  • Go to conferences of other open source projects: GUADEC, DrupalCon, …
  • Approach open source companies in supporting the open source design movement

5. Funding for open source design

  • Contact foundations who already fund open source projects: NLnet, Knight Foundation, Shuttleworth
  • Contact agencies

6. Showcase existing open source design material

  • Icons, fonts, templates
  • Workflows

7. Work on improving the design of open source projects

  • UX reviews
  • Consulting
  • Mockups

How We Plan To Achieve This

We plan to achieve this by creating an awesome and inclusive community that attracts talented and passionate people. In order to achieve this goal, we ask that all participants read and adhere to our Code of Conduct

You would also like to have a look at the Open Design Foundation, fine folks there are doing some awesome works, similar to our goals.
Open Design Foundation website has gone down due some reason, but we have an archive of the site on our Wayback Machine and checkout their GitHub repository.