We talked about (or what some members of our community have been up to):

  • Merging some repos together. Ultimately that didn’t get very far, but people have been more careful with creating new repos. [irc]
  • Design of the main website for wireframews [irc].
  • The woes of doing design for open source developers [irc]
  • The woes of job titles and unicorns [irc]
  • Onboarding in Slick [irc], and general conversations about Slick. There’s a lot of enthusiasm around it.
  • Offline-first apps and hoodie [irc]
  • Talky [irc]
  • Kosmos [irc]
  • The state of tutorials for design [irc]
  • We talked a whole lot about how democracy is hard [irc]
  • Some more thoughts on IRC and chat programs [irc]
  • Etherpad [irc]
  • A code of conduct [irc]
  • Funding open source [irc]
  • P2P file back up systems[irc]

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NOTE: 26.3.2017: Updated link to post on tools for designers