Foss North is an free / open source conference covering both software and hardware from the technical perspective. Hosted in Gothenburg between Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm with an international airport, we provide a meeting place for the Nordic foss communities and will bring together great speakers with a great audience.

Date and Location

Date: April 26th, 2017 Location: Folkets hus, Gothenburg

Talk Proposal


The UX of UX - Behind the scenes of effectively designing in the open


Open source software has always been engineering driven. Most of the people building open source software are engineers with major turn on for features and more features which kind of explains how a lot of open source projects have rich and extremely important features but are a pain to see or work with. This talk aims to deal with this problem of designing in the open which is often neglected. Tools like GitHub, GitLab, etc. can actually become an arena for usability testing and give extremely promising output only if it follows an effective design process. This talk is also a practical guide for budding designers to get started with open source software.

About the speaker

Ragy Nayyar, 23, is a post graduate student in Interaction Design at KTH, Stockholm. Prior to this he has worked, both as a designer and a developer for both big companies and startups for around 2 years. He has been a contributor to open source since he started writing code and majority of my contributions are related to front-end programming and user experience decisions. He started contributing to ownCloud when they were not even on GitHub, but on Gitorious and now its one of the highest contributed PHP project on GitHub. He does pretty much the same thing at Nextcloud now in his free time. He co-authored and designed the Nextcloud and ownCloud calendar which is one of the most famous self hosted calendar solutions. He loves writing CSS and building scalable CSS architectures.

Date & Location

  • Date: April 26th, 2017
  • Time: pending
  • Location: Folkets hus, Gothenburg