Welcome to Open Source Design


Before diving into Open Source Design, have a look at our mission:

We are a community of designers and developers pushing more open design processes and improving the design of open source apps.

There are a couple of important words there to keep in mind before exploring Open Source Design.

  • Community: Open Source Design is first and foremost a community of people. We chat in our forum, and we work on projects together on GitHub. There is a very loose hierarchy, but it’s largely based on how long you’ve been involved in the group. People who have been here longer know how the community works and operates. If you want to learn more about the rules we have formulated over time, check out our by-laws and our code of conduct.
  • Designers and developers: A lot of us come from all over the spectrum. Some of us are designers, ux-researchers, front-end developers, visual designers, graphic designers, back-end developers, the list goes on, but we’re all united by our mission.
  • Open Source: Open source is a catch all term for what is generally known as Free, Libre, and Open Source Software. But some of us focus on more than software. The word “open” is key here.

There are different ways to contribute to Open Source Design (OSD). How to best contribute will depend upon your skill set. However, it is important to determine if you want to contribute to the OSD project itself and/or our community, or if you want to contribute design related resources, job offers, events.

Looking for work?

Have a look at our job board.

Looking for a designer?

Post something to our job board.

Want to talk about design?

Join us on our forum and tell us about yourself.

Want to organize a local or international event?

Good! A whole bunch of us organize events all over the world. Get involved here on our Event Organizing repo.

Hope to get involved in making Open Source Design run?

Have a look at the Organization Repo

Want to fund Open Source Design projects? (YES)

Give us some spare change every month and we will make cool stuff happen.