A workshop organised by the team from Open Design + Ushahidi hosted and supported by Open UP global summit. It will take place in Taipei, Taiwan.

The ‘Open Design’ workshop which is testing a methodology, workshop structure, and repo/file set-up in order to see if we can boost design contributions to a specific open-source product. For the first two workshops, we’re using Ushahidi’s TenFour tool which is a crisis communication tool.

We’ll be looking at how designers can improve certain issues within the TenFour repo with the context being around the Tropical Cyclones and Typoons.

If any OSD folks are around the area please let me know if you’d like to be part of the team in delivering the workshop and/or a participant.

Please see our [event listing on the Open Design website](https://opendesign.ushahidi.com/taipei-openup-global-summit-201

Date & Location

  • Date: Sunday, 1st Dec 2019 & Saturday, 7th Dec 2019
  • Time: two half days
  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan