In a perfect world all the FOSS loving developers and designers would write all the code and push all the pixels however they desired and no problems would ever arise. However, problems do arise, and this page is a place to document and iterate on how we reach consensus and resolve conflicts in ways which make the most of differences and benefit the greater good of the community and its goals.

Reaching Consensus


Ideally consensus can usually be reached by discussing and listenting to one another. A good example of this was:

However, just discussing things is not always enough, or an issue is too long, sprawling, or many options to simply make a decision. Voting often helps here.


When multiple people are contributing to solving one issue and there is no clear best option, as was the case of creating the OSD logo, it is best to draw things to a vote. For reference, see:

Stagnant Tasks

Often times very needed (and promising) ideas or projects get started but then stagnate and slump into non completion. If you come across something that seems stagnant and it’s of interest to you, please feel free to proceed working on it with the following tips:


  • Do check on the forum if anyone can give you advice or backstory on the issue
  • Do leave a comment on the issue expressing your interest
  • Do @mention the creator of the issue and / or last person working on it
  • Do reach out to creator / last person working on it via email


  • Don’t just start working on an issue without telling anyone
  • Don’t deviate drastically from stated goals (to the best of your understanding)