UI, D3js, JS, React
Frontend Developer / Designer
part-time / 18hrs/week


Whether you want to work in Berlin or remotely, both is genuine to us; we have summits where we all come together for a couple of days on a regular basis. We are all about empowering users and bringing their data home. Of course design and UI play a super important role in giving the user an awesome and seamless experience. On the backend we use linked data and blockchain technology. Even if you are not familiar with those and you never heard about decentralization… you will love it soon! Why? – These technologies support you as a fronted developer/designer to do the impossible. Curious?

Below you see a list of tools and technical and personal skills that accompany our work. But foremost we are looking for passion and tenacity over experience. Are you a curious person and love to learn? Are you open to new ideas and know how to communicate clearly and with empathy? You love to work in an international team?


  1. Any UI software would do, but it’s usually a mix of: Sketch, PS, AI, ID
  2. Some prototyping software/service could come in handy too, like UXPin

Tech skills:

  1. Skilled in JavaScript (even without jQuery)
  2. Knowledge of at least one major JS framework: React, Ember, Aurelia, Backbone, Angular, Vue, etc
  3. D3sj is a plus
  4. Experience with CSS concepts: BEM, OOCSS, etc; good understanding of how specificity works
  5. Experience with pre-processors, either SASS or LESS would do
  6. Some experience with task runners Grunt/Gulp (minification, auto-prefixing)
  7. Some knowledge of flexbox

Personal skills:

  1. Ability to fast prototype layouts & interactions
  2. Ability to discuss design issues in depth; problem solver
  3. A good sense (or eye) for design (see portfolio), relates more to the stylistic side rather than functional
  4. Patient and ready to start over

You like the vibes? Tell us about you. We are looking forward to meeting you!