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Logo Designer, Brand / Identity Designer

graphql-go is a young but ambitious project that aims to provide to the community, a library that allows them to build GraphQL servers on Go / Golang.

It is currently the most starred GraphQL library for Go and has a thriving community of contributors eager to contribute their time to the project.

At the moment, the project is in need of a logo and an identity.

Other GraphQL libraries on other platforms managed to have a logo that is easily identifiable, unique to the platform that they serve, yet familiar.

  • graphql-ruby:
  • graphene:
  • sangria:

Ideally, it would be great if someone sees the logo and think: “Oh, it’s GraphQL on Go / Golang”.

We currently would love someone who would be able to do this gratis, but if you feel passionate about taking up this challenge but value your time, we can negotiate for some kind of compensation.

Drop us a comment at or email me at