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I’m writing an open-source tool dedicated to landing-page :

Here is why :

-> commercial tool like unbounce, strikingly, leadpages, etc allow creation of “fat” landing pages, that displays slowly on the customer’s screen. Since a customer doesn’t stay longer than 5 second on the screen, commercial tools are not a very good option.

-> these commercial tools have sometimes a very bad opinion on how a landing page should be build. Some templates Sometimes call-to-action are not big enough, sometimes base font is too small… choosing a template according to the bugs is also a very bad idea.

-> there is also the possibility to use a bootstrap template, free or commercial, to build your landing page. Now there are still drawbacks :

  • still have to customize some parts of it. Once you spend some hard time working on the template it could be hard to switch to another that convert better.
  • starting with a template is not a good option for landing pages, startups should start with copywriting, build the message, then define an atmosphere and build the template.
  • you can’t reuse one beautiful section or beautiful navbar that you liked on this other site.

So in my humble opinion, the right way to start a landing page is :

  • Minimalistic template, just black & white color.
  • Only one primary color for call to action, icons and links. Easily defined by the topic your business is about (pink = girly, green = games, etc)
  • Ultra fast displaying : no jQuery, no big background image, etc
  • Each section (navbar, testimonial, hero, etc) can be easily replaced by another in order to AB/test very fast without too much effort.

So as you can see as started to write some sections on the repo.

I need a designer to make the landing page beautiful enough.

Thanks !