interface design
UI/UX Designer

I am looking for a designer to partner me for my currently in development progressive web app.

The PWA is an offline-first mobile game using the popular state container Redux. The game is just a simple Tetris clone, with scoreboard and some settings. I am doing this as a side-project to get into developing progressive web applications. I chose a mobile game, because this is something I could actually see myself using while on the road, stuck without a stable internet connection. It’s all about the fun here! :)

What I need is basically the entire design of the app. It doesn’t have to be highly polished screendesigns, but a general design direction would also help me a lot. I got some ideas and got kind of a moodboard in which direction I want to head. I’m also open to go into a completely different design direction though.

Next to the design, I was thinking about user experience advice (animations?).

The web app’s focus is on mobile screens, but I also want to have it accessible on larger screens.

The repository is currently set to private, as it is not completely finished yet, but I can of course add you as collaborator, set up a test environment, and share screens/wireframes of what I’ve already done.