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Logo Designer

gngr is a new cross-platform browser that champions privacy. gngr is an independent implementation of web standards in pure Java. It is not a wrapper around other browser engines.

gngr plans to protect privacy by

  • disabling the following by default: Cookies, Javascript, XHR requests and providing fine granuality of control over them.
  • by implementing in a high-level language that is easier to audit
  • by using run-time sandboxing

The current logo and icon for gngr is crude. It was designed by myself in a hurry and I am not quite happy with it.

gngr needs a better designed logo. It needs to convey gngr’s concept better. It would be great if it is distinctive, memorable and attractive.

gngr is short for “ginger”, the spice. It has a connotation of “being cautious”.