does not yet have a name. probably Libreflip
Logo Designer
gratis / maybe some money later on when funding has been secured.

I need a Logo for an opensource pageturning Bookscanner that I will be building. The name of the project is “Libreflip” The Logo should contain a Book, or a symbolized book. If possible something that symbolises the scanning, but not necessarily I just need a simple vector-file for this, I will pick colors later in the process (open to suggestions) The logo ńeeds to work as just a vector, as it will be cnc-milled on every machine. The logo needs to have two parts: a symbol and the title “Libreflip” On the machine the Symbol will be left of the written Title, on the website the symbol might be centered above the text If arranged so that the symbol is left of the text in the same line, and scaled so that the whole logo is 8cm high, no single detail can be smaller then 4mm Currently I am trying to secure funding through various sources. when successful, I will pay you 50-100€ for designing a great logo. If I do not secure any funding (unlikely) then this will be a gratis/free job.

More about the project: I am in the process od building and designing an opensource pageturning bookscanner. Right now there is only one opensource bookscanner and it is the one from google, that is kind of hard to get to work and it only works for books that are relativly new. new books usually are already available in digitial form, so no need to scan them.

Pictures of the CAD-Data of the bookscanner can be found here: The logo will go on the board at the top of the device on the front. The machine uses suction and a small blow of air to turn the pages.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Cheers Ijon