Passman Android
nextcloud, passman, android app, material design
Graphic (material) Designer

[“If you think you made a great design, show it to us!\r\nCreate an new issue at “, “Passman repo: Demo:”]

At the moment the android app is pretty default. We would love a material design but as coders we’re bad designers.

We would love designed screens from the following things:

  • Setup app (enter the nextcloud server settings)
  • Display vault list
  • Login to vault
  • Display credential list
  • Display a single credential (nicely formatted)
  • Search credentials
  • Page to change settings
  • A “PIN” screen to unlock the app
  • Edit credential
    • Bear in mind that passman allows users to add custom fields (text / password /file)
    • Passman allows users to save their one time password token for generation
    • Should include a password generator

Current app screenshots: