Graphic Designer
  • The existing page is a Jekyll template and we don’t want to change that
  • The template / CSS should be contributed directory to the Sinon.JS codebase on GitHub
  • We have a Logo that should be part of the new design
  • We’d like to add the content from the to show who is sponsoring the project and link to the Sinon.JS open collective page

[“If you have suggestions or would like to volunteer, please get in touch on the corresponding GitHub issue. Thank you!”, “Repository:\r\nSinon.JS is hosted with GitHub pages. The Jekyll page can be found in the /docs directory.”]

The new Sinon.JS homepage is up 🎉 and it needs help! @mroderick invested a significant amount of time to make a new Jekyll page that is now hosted on GitHub.

We would ❤️ some help with the design of the page.