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Disucssion was done on Discourse Final proposals were published for voting at — LibreOffice plans the next major release of version 6.0. In order to have a unique design we want to updated the branding, which is basically the splash screen, the installer on Windows, the about dialog, and some banners/flyers/stickers outside the program. The task is to design a new motif that conveys the metaphors:

  • Transparency, Sustainability, Freedom
  • Community with the additional ideas of
  • Green
  • Hexagon
  • Circular

The design has to follow the restrictions of colors and the general identification as stated at The font “Vegur” has been selected for the use within the LibreOffice logo and accompanying text. The design concept must work globally. We want to include the community into the process and run a survey with some different proposals. Therefore the job should be finished until end of July 2017.

In a first internal poll the big digit “5” in the current design was criticized


  • New branding idea
  • Motif for the splash screen
  • Raw data ideally in ODF, but SVG is also good (but no proprietary formats)
  • Deliverables should be done in an Open Source license, e.g. CC-by-SA
  • Variants of the design with and without the subline according the logo policy (the logo itself must not change)
  • Nice to have are variants with labels for alpha/beta/daily build

In commit 8cfdd81b70ef37927b40497ffd10034f28335034 "update branding for 5.0" the following files were submitted (the file/patch management is of course not needed to be done by the designer):

  • icon-themes/galaxy/brand/flat_logo.svg
  • icon-themes/galaxy/brand/intro.png
  • icon-themes/galaxy/brand/shell/about.svg
  • icon-themes/galaxy/brand_dev/intro.png
  • instsetoo_native/inc_common/windows/msi_templates/Binary/Banner.bmp
  • instsetoo_native/inc_common/windows/msi_templates/Binary/Image.bmp
  • setup_native/source/packinfo/osxdndinstall.png

How to get in contact

  • Everyone can contribute on any communication channel such as
    • marketing mailing list:
    • design mailing list:
    • Open Source Design pages
    • Social media”