Graphic design

There are two standards updated at least annually by the Unicode consortium which define new emojis and there are several non-standard ones we’d also like to support. The maintainers keep track of those in individual Github issues. Each interested designer can assign themself to such an issue and submit SVG files in pull requests. The maintainers (and interested public) will provide feedback before the graphics are merged into the appropriate branch. Many new emojis build upon existing ones.


[“Christoph Päper: emoji@crissov.de, Github @crissov or Twitter @informoji”, “https://github.com/EmojiTwo/emojitwo/issues/ https://github.com/EmojiTwo/emojitwo/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md”]

Emojitwo is a CC-BY-4.0 fork of the popular Emojione 2.2 artwork, because Emojione 3.0 now uses a freemium model without free access to SVG sources.

We are looking for graphic designers to draw SVG glyphs for new emojis matching the established style, who are willing to work pro bono. Some of the existing graphics would also need some retouching, additional variants or a complete redesign, because they don’t fit well with the general theme.

We would also appreciate any help in developing a style guide to describe then harmonize existing emoji images. We found out, for instance, that we could reduce the number of different colors used among emojis without visually affecting how they look, i.e. develop a standard palette.