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Logo re-design

The new Logo submission should have two versions: An Abstract image, representing ActiveMQ as a Messaging System (preferably square). A Combined word ActiveMQ with the abstract image you created, like a banner style logo. Also, it would be nice to have:

.png files to visualize the art you made. Vector based files (.svg) so anyone would be able to work with the sources of the file and have the image looking nice on any scale.


[“dev@activemq.apache.org”, “https://blogs.apache.org/activemq/entry/apache-activemq-call-for-logo”]

The Apache ActiveMQ logo was created a few years ago. While the project continues to evolve, the logo needs to be updated to reflect current ActiveMQ technology. So, the PMC has discussed making a “Call For Entry” where you can submit a new ActiveMQ Logo.