Kiwi IRC
UI/UX design

Mockups of layout and interaction functionality. Implementation work might be out of scope without any budget, but is naturally welcome.


[“Darren Whitlen (lead developer): “, “Source code repository:”]

Kiwi IRC is a modern web IRC client built with Node.js and Vue.

The new incarnation of Kiwi IRC is starting to be pretty solid:

The lead developer Darren aka prawnsalad could use a hand with the interface presentation and layout.

I believe with this modern web client approach we can get rid of the image of IRC as a clunky and opaque interaction tool. Having the power of server-side makes all sorts of magical things possible (storage, data processing etc.). The ideal would be to GUIfy everything, so the non-techy user will not have to face any frightening /commands. I guess the hardest will be inventing a GUI for even the ChanServ commands like setting various flags for channels.

Perhaps the first step would be conducting a competitive analysis of new and emerging chat platforms.

Listing open source ones:

Here is a quick route to Kiwi IRC’s channel using the WIP new client:

The submitter of this job posting uses the nickname buovjaga.