logo, site design, documentation
logo, branding, site design

This is off the top of my head, but happy to discuss.

  • A primary “hexagon-style” logo in SVG format (examples)
  • An alternate logo or logotype in SVG format
  • Color palette (think “brown”) “swatches” in whatever format
  • Markup and styles to replace We’d like these “layouts”:
    • Landing page
    • Individual documentation page
    • Individual blog/news post (if different than previous)
    • List of blog posts (should probably not be front page)

Our team would be responsible for putting the content where it belongs, but if anyone knows a technical writer, the content itself needs some love!!


[“Contact Christopher Hiller on Twitter or email”, “GitHub project”]

Mocha is a testing framework, and the most depended-upon project in the npm ecosystem.

…but our site was built in (literally) 2011. That said, this old horse gets about 200k page hits a month over the past year (it’s a single page).

Our site should still be focused on documentation (tutorials and dry API docs), but would also like to add a “news” or “blog” section. Let’s move away from “one huge page” and organize it properly. The site should be responsive, accessible and lightweight.

A new logo and/or logotype would be desirable. Our tagline is “simple, flexible, fun”; ultimately the design of the logo and site should reflect that. We plan to put the logo(s) on shirts, stickers, and swag.

Donations the project has received could pay for the work. We are all volunteers, but we don’t have enough time nor skill to pull this off ourselves. You can do this for free, but we want you to be motivated!