Delta Chat
Icons, Branding
Web design

A set of icons, either as a vector graphic or as a high-resolution bitmap.


[“You can contact Björn Petersen at . Or, for general questions and discussions, use the corresponding Github issue at - Björn Petersen will read there, too (as r10s)”, “Exiting homepage:\r\nThe same images are in the app, screenshots are here:\r\n\r\nSources for the app icons are here: (files intro2.png .. intro7.png)”]

Delta Chat is the new arising messenger that is compatible to the existing e-mail infrastructure, open-source, pgp-encrypted, secure and all :)

For the first frontend implementation of the app, we’ve taken the Telegram frontend and adapt it to our backend. In between, most things are rewritten and changed, however, there are still some icons that come from the original Telegram code, the icons are used as “eye-catcher” on the website and in the program-welcome-screen and should describe/emphasize roughly the following points:

Independent - Fast - Powerful - Free - Save - Trustworthy

You can see the graphics at (wait two seconds until the Delta Chat logo scrolls away).

The current graphics are partly still from the Telegram original source code, which is no licence problem (GPL’d) but it would be finer to have something own. Other graphics are created by me (Björn) in less-than-a-minute just to have anything - these are at least the two checkboxes IIRC.

We would like to have new, preferable unique graphics here. Maybe sth. like Telegram does on its homepage here.

The graphics will be used for the homepage as well as for the app welcome screen (see links below)

The Delta Chat logo itself is okay, IMHO, however, sooner or later we would need slight Material and iOS adaptions, but this is another job …