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The project

CaptainFact is a non-profit collaborative, real-time fact checking platform. Its goal is to help us improve the way we consume medias on the Internet by collectively sourcing and debating about the content we see.

Think Wikipedia (sourcing) + StackOverflow (reputation, achievements) applied to our day-to-day information.

The project currently offers two linked tools:

  1. A real-time debate platform that allows us to have rich and focused discussions on a video by working point by point, argument by argument - instead of taking the content as a whole like almost all today’s comment systems do: demo.

  2. A browser extension that is bringing this information directly on the content you’re watching: demo.

In the future we’d like to extends these functionalities to be able to work on news articles (text) as well. For more details about the reasons of the project, its philosophy and its goals, you can check this article.



CaptainFact has a strong gamification aspect. We want to make it pleasant to contribute and reward users bringing positive content. One of the ways to achieve that is achievements, like the ones you see in video games. We need them to be creative and fun, so the main rule here is to take pleasure in what you do ;)

For details about which achievements are currently open to submissions, technical constraints and license stuff checkout this Github issue.


Though we have graphic designers working from time to time on small aspects of the project (logo…etc) we currently don’t have a “main” graphic designer. Your experience, advices and contributions on the website & extension UI / UX would be extremely valuable.


We’re a collaborative project. You have an idea about something incredible we should implement, or how to implement it ? Contact us or open an issue on our Github!