Trekking for Charity
logo, branding, UX design
'Logo design & branding', 'Web design', 'Interaction design'

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Trekking for Charity is a project to help people organise and run sponsored events like walks and bike rides. I came up with the idea run a family member was doing a week long hike to raise money for charity, but was unable to keep people updated with things like their location and post updates to their feeds. Another key issue is that they wasn’t able to set up a plan, e.g. set up points on a map and detail when they planned to reach it.

Although I have had the idea for some time, it’s only recently I have had some time to put into the project, and this is where I need some help. I’m a web developer, who focuses on the Microsoft stack, but I have very little design skills. I am hoping to find someone to help with all aspects of the design. From the initial UX to the page designs of the site and mobile apps.

I’m looking at this at being a real collaborative project and will look at taking any help given, and depending on what you want the door is open for a long term team member.