logo, branding, interaction-design, human-machine interface, education, raspberry pi
Logo Design

logos for the above use-cases color schemes that goe along background textures that goe along


[“Andrej Kliman”, “”]

Lumi is a Raspberry Pi based reactive web-app that connects everyone in the same room via local WIFI and thus opens a whole new dimension of interactive group learning .

Your role is to develop an early stage logo-concept that will manifest itself in various forms, depending on the medium and consumer that is faced with Lumi. Right now we have 3 major use-cases: -logo for website/social media -logo that is printed on raspberry pi case (is on the hardware itself - in the classroom) -logo that occurs in the app (i.e. also in the “virtual classroom”) Designers that also invited to start conecptualizing a custimizable User-Interface (allthough this will be part of a later job)