Wren Security
logo, branding, graphic design
Logo design & branding

A logo and a set of icons


We’re running a community-driven fork of a commercial product, but we’re not affiliated with the company that maintains the commercial version. We need a logo to differentiate ourselves from the original company.

The original company is called “ForgeRock”; our group is called “Wren Security”, which is a play on “ren” for “renegade”, since our group has broken off from ForgeRock’s group.

We’d like a logo with a wren / bird theme. As our focus is security products, the logo should be bold and/or more serious than playful; we’d like it to convey a sense of strength and security. We’re open to logos that exploit well-known characteristics of wrens (the bird).

Our fork consists of a suite of products:

  • Wren:AM for access management
  • Wren:DS for directory services / user storage
  • Wren:IDM for identity management
  • Wren:IG for an identity gateway / access proxy
  • Wren:ICF for an identity connection framework

At the moment, we only need a logo for the project itself, but we’ll likely need to incorporate that logo into the logos for each of the products in the suite as well. So, if the logo is designed with that in mind, that’s ideal.