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Logo design

A logo that fits with the theme of the application (financial document reader) and doesn’t look out of place in a GNOME environment.

The logo should be high resolution so it works on HDPI, I suppose SVG would make most sense. There is no color scheme yet or “branding”, it’s a simple little desktop application, that’s all.

Have a look at the Github repository for more details.


[“Cimm”, “Screenshot”]

CODAv is a small tabular CODA viewer application for Linux. CODA files encode European credit transfers (SEPA) in a standard way and financial people aren’t that comfortable with XML files. The application aims to make it easier for them inspect the contents of the file.

CODAv is nothing too serious, it’s more a way to learn how to build and distribute Linux software. It currently reads CODA XML files and I would like to add a way to modify and save changes to those files at a later stage. It will never be a big project but more a little tool that hopefully proves useful to some people.

I am willing to pay for your work if you can invoice (freelancers for example) since I need proof for the payment on my side.