Dimension (t2bot.io)
graphic design, artwork, stickers
Graphic design
  • 10-20 stickers per “pack” (or theme)
  • A white outline on each sticker to make it feel more sticker-like
  • Different themes for each pack (creative freedom on the themes, please double check before designing though)
  • Preferably the source files would be provided, however 512x512 PNGs are also acceptable

[“Travis R (lead dev) <@travis:t2l.io on riot.im>”, “Github repo: https://github.com/turt2live/matrix-dimension\r\n”]

Dimension (an open source integrations manager for clients like Riot.im) is tackling stickers in an upcoming update and needs some stickers to be included in the launch.

Stickers in the context of Dimension or Riot.im are very similar to Telegram stickers in that they are images sent to a room/channel for everyone to see. Dimension would serve the purpose of providing those stickers so that users can easily post them to the room.

The sticker packs being designed should have an overall theme to them, such as “cats” or “science”. They do not necessarily need to be tied to emoji, but should have some sort of emotion to be associated with them.

Please see the license of Dimension on Github for information about how these stickers may be used.