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Logo design & Branding

Logo, branding, landing page, web application and mobile application designs.


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Thank you for visiting this job post. The Sleepe Owl project is a fully open source and fully free learning application.

We are looking for good and experienced Logo and Branding specialist. Who’s main task will be design our brand on the website, mobile application and advertisements.

Why we do this? Becase the knowledge of math, physics, languages, programming, etc… should be free. In my country, in Hungary the social education program is old and bad, with really old habits (30 years old at least). I know the situation is the same in a lot of country in the world. Nowadays, in the life we have a bunch of problems what the social education can’t resolve and to reach the necessarry knowledge you should pay a bunch of money.

So, the purpose of this project is to collect a bunch of developers, designers, editors and teachers, to make a huge collaboration for the free and perfect education.

I hope in the human goodness, because I do this project for free to have a better generation of kids and adults who can solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

I started this project on 2018/03/30. We have a GitHub organization and a simple website. The GitHub organization is where you can find a repository called sleepe-owl-design where we will store our design files.

What I ask from you? Just to collaborate to this project with ideas with knowledge or with design our brand.

Hours? I don’t care, if you have some minutes, hours or days of your free time please come to me and do something together.

What we do right now? I’m designing our landing page in sketch (you can find everything in the repository) to share some information about the project.

So, if you have some free time and if you want to join our community please send me a mail about yourself, what can you do for the collaboration in your free time to this email: (I know it’s lame using my personal mail, but I trust in you and in everyone, I working on the project mail server problem right know)

Thank you for reading this description. I hope we’ll meet in the future. :)