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  • Veronika (volunteer) veronika.nad@gmail.com

“Enough” is an innovative tool for journalists to communicate with their sources via encrypted technology. It has a dual mode function, which allows for communication and data transfer on two different levels of security.

On the simpler level, it provides an easy-to-use online platform for journalists to store and receive documents on a day-to-day basis. This function is comparatively easy to install, maintain and use, and significantly resembles more commonly used file-sharing systems such as Dropbox and GoogleDocs. This module not only aims at providing journalists with a practical, standardized tool, but also contributing to a change in culture towards improved protection when storing data.

On a more complex level in cases where a much higher level of security is required, journalists can activate a second layer of the tool. Based on the open source communication software SecureDrop, the use of this element is foreseen in cases where a very high level of security is required due to the nature of the information that is being provided by the source.

The name of the tool alludes to its dual function: a) It refers to the fact that in most cases, journalists and their sources do not need to rely on highly complex technical solutions to communicate safely, and that simple measures of encryption are “enough” to provide the necessary security. b) It refers to whistleblowers having “enough” of the wrongdoing they are facing, and deciding to report to journalists, while being able to rely on safe communication channels.

We are thus looking for a logo that illustrates the product, and ideally its dual function. Since we are mainly trying to appeal to mainstream journalists, the design should be smooth and simple, rather than complex. Preferred color schemes sunny yellow/white.