Open Source project for more transparency in the political process
Web design, Usability design

In times of worryingly rising populismus it is our goal to make the process from an election promise to an adopted law transparent and easy to understand. And with your support, the platform’s design will further enhance understanding of our audience. The information provided on the platform is partially automatically generate, partially entered manually by users (as in Wikipedia). First prototype exists, as well as first design ideas. Who we are: 2 developers 1 lawyer/marketing 1 developer/marketing/project management

Tools we’ve been using so far: Figma and GoogleDocs

What we offer:

  • An exciting open source project giving you the chance to get engaged in helping our democratic systems survive as well as a perfect reference in design
  • You won’t be alone and exchange regularly with the project manager. On top, you’ll receive regular feedback from a senior designer, if you wish.