Alerta - web monitoring
interaction design , system administration , ui design , usability testing
interaction design , ui design , usability testing , user research

wireframes , mockups of UI designs , usability testing



Alerta is looking for help to evaluate the usability of it’s new version and also improve interface design which is currently in beta.

The alerta tool is a monitoring system that allows systems administrators and IT engineers use just one system to monitor alerts from many other monitoring tools on a single screen.

Alerta consolidates and de-duplicate server alerts from multiple sources for quick ‘at-a-glance’ visualisation.

The web app is single page app, which is “responsive” to screen size and should work well on mobile and tablet. It is also used in “kiosk” mode which is fullscreen without any menus so only the alert list is shown.

A live demo of the beta is at (NB: use a dummy email address to “sign up” and login to use the demo).

The web app makes extensive use of a web component framework based called Vuetify which is a Vue.js implementation of the Material Design Spec.