Open Corporate Facts
interaction design , corporate transparency , ui design , usability testing , data visualisation
interaction design , ui design , usability testing

wireframes , mockups of UI designs , usability testing, data visualisation designs


  • - software repository - an open database containing a some data about a lot of corporations - the open food fact website, whose concept is inspiring

Open Corporate Facts (OCF) is in early stages. There is no demo site yet.

The vision is building a website for helping journalists, members of ONG, scientists and also simple consumers, to investigate on corporations. It could be seen as the Open Food Facts of corporations.

It aims to build a big database filled with a maximum of financial data publicly disclose by corporations, in a collaborative way with all it’s user.

We are looking for a partner for this project. If you are interested, has some development skill, and motivated by the goal of the project it could really help.

The website would also provide ways to see and explore the data, and even download it.

Basic visualization would be: percentage of money spent by a corporation for its employees, for tax, to buy merchandise, to give to shareholders.