c:geo Open Source Geocaching App for Android
App design, Android, Geocaching, desgin fix, design rework
App design

Contribution directly into our repository on Github would be the preferred way.


c:geo an open-source, full-featured, always ready-to-go Geocaching application for Android devices.

The basis of the current app design is very old and was extended over the years with new screens and dialogs implemented by different volunteer developers without always following a strict style guideline.

Recently we needed to change the target Android version, causing multiple UI failures and broken dialogs. We fixed it as good as we could, but due to a lack of contributors experienced with Android UI and style guidelines we are unable to make it consistent again.

The first goal would be to fix the existing design and make it look consistent again over all screen and dialogs in the app.

Interested contributors can find our source code here: https://github.com/cgeo/cgeo To get in touch with our open source team you can either reply here or contact us on our IRC channel #cgeo on https://webchat.freenode.net