XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF)
badge, shield, logo, graphic design
Logo / badge design

A set of badge icons in SVG format for all combinations of Category (Core, Web, IM, Mobile) and Level (Core, Advanced).


The XSF is an independent, nonprofit standards development organisation whose primary mission is to define open protocols for presence, instant messaging, and real-time communication and collaboration on top of the IETF’s Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

In the past, we had a hard time communicating to software developers which of our published standards (XMPP Extension Protocols, XEPs) are most relevant for their use case, as well as communicating to users which XMPP implementations provide the functionality they seek.

To improve the situation, we have created a Compliance Suite for developers to prioritize their work. The goal of this job is to create a set of badges that developers can attach to their clients and servers to make them more attractive and more discoverable to users.

The Compliance Suite consists of four categories:

  • Core - minimal functionality
  • Web - Core plus what is needed for web-based XMPP usage
  • IM - Core plus what is needed for Instant Messaging
  • Mobile - Core plus what is needed to run XMPP on mobile devices like smartphones

Each category defines Core and Advanced requirement levels for Clients and Servers.

Ideally, we need badges that depict all combinations of category and requirement levels, e.g.:

  • “Advanced IM 2019”
  • “Core Web 2019”

Optionally, it would be great to have distinct badges for Clients and Servers, and also toned-down / deprecated-looking icons for previous generations of the Compliance Suites, e.g:

  • “Advanced IM Server 2019”
  • “Core Client 2012” (for a very old spec)

There are also legitimate combinations of categories, e.g:

  • “Advanced Mobile IM Client 2019”

The badges should represent their relation to the XMPP protocol, e.g. by using the XMPP logo or having the text “XMPP” inside.

It might make sense to design the badges in a button-like look, so that they can be embedded in our list / table of clients.

The shields.io project provides a framework for the generation of minimal badges/shields that could be a possible foundation or inspiration for this work.

To make it possible for the XSF to take measures against abuse of the badges by incompliant implementations, the XSF would need all exploitation rights on the created artwork. The artist should be ready to assign all intellectual property rights according to the XSF IPR policy.