PublicCode.Directory - Logo, Web Design , UX / UI design
Logo, Web Design, UX/UI design
Web Design, Logo Design, UX / UI Design
  • a logo that reflects the main concept
  • a design of the pages
  • UX / UI envisioned design for the list view, grid view and world map

[“John Mica”, “”]

Some of the project main goals are:

  • Provide an easily searchable federated database for Open Source Projects
    • Filtering done using interests of the End-User / Decision Maker
    • Language,
    • Licensing,
    • Type of resource,
    • Category of projects
    • etc …
  • Simplicity in narrowing down projects that are of interest to the end user

The audience of the project is people working in local / central public institutions and with decision making power

Depending on the amount of work and effort needed to get the above mentioned details, there is also the possibility of payment (considering it is an Open Source project funds are limited)