Web Design
Web Design

HTML and CSS files for an updated Maven skin module Recommendations on how to build a landing page that helps our 2 sets of users get to the content they need quickly (focus on the client)


[“Kenneth Paskett - Apache Software Foundation Creative Lead -”, “ - Branch used to work on the new Maven Skin”]

It is our goal to create a set of libraries, that allow unified access to any type of Programmable Logic Controllers.

Our website, especially our home page is not meeting our needs in communicating with two different groups, our clients and our developers.

For our clients we need to be able to quickly communicate our ability to work with legacy and new technologies, with no license fees, no hardware modifications, allowing data acquisition without side effects, and address their hacking and compliance concerns.

For our developers we need to be able to quickly communicate that they can quickly start building and offering IT services that they haven’t been able to offer before, and that the software out performs the competition.

In order to deliver these messages we want to update the look and feel of our site to have a more modern and professional feel.

Some sites that may be helpful: From a client perspective we like how communicates their messaging; From a developer perspective we like how communicates; and for an overall look and feel we like

Our site is currently using the reflow-maven-skin to generate our website as part of our maven build. We would like to build a custom skin module.