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A pencil based UX prototype.


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The Tricoteuses non-profit collective wants to publish datasets originating from the French national assembly at for software developers to use. Three epics were written based on the user research report for the developer persona:

This is hopefully enough to create a pencil based UX prototype. The current web site must not be used as an inspiration.

It should however be used to find out how git repositories can be displayed, how a documentation page can be displayed etc. currently is a randomly organized collection of things the user needs. The closer a UX prototype is to how an individual thing is presented, the easier the implementation will be. For instance, the git repositories display relies on the GitLab user interface and modifying it, even slightly, means re-implementing the user interface entirely (or maintaining a modified fork of GitLab which is even more work). A balance must be found between the desired UX and the cost of implementing it when a similar (but less effective) UX already exists in an off-the-shelf software.