logo, branding
Logo design (& basic branding if interested)
  • logo / word-mark & accompanying icon
  • simple colour palette
  • optionally, if you’re eager: new promotional visuals & design ideas for a new website
  • Reply below (or contact Keunes <keunes+antennapod-logo :at:>)

AntennaPod is a podcast manager and player for Android. Contrary to many of its competitors, it is open source (MIT License), developed and translated by volunteers, gratis and ad-free.

The app’s current main developer is currently working on AntennaPod version 2, an important update with lots of bug fixes and UI improvements. To honour this major step, we are looking for a new logo and app icon and simple colour palette. Other contribution most welcome as well. The goal of the new design is to help give AntennaPod a modern and professional look.

The AntennaPod lead developer ByteHamster & long-standing active community member Keunes will be involved in the process. Together they developed the design brief - check it out if you’re interested!

Relevant links
Twitter: @AntennaPod
Design brief: