Fosshost Project
website design, web flow, application form
Web design, web flow, application form

Design a new website for that represents our mission statement and values Provide us with a new application form for projects to complete when we approve hosting applications Take our branding guidelines (which have been put together by a professional graphics designer) and ensure they are an embodiment of our website Assist us in giving users projects a good experience when they visit our website and ensure information and the correct message is displayed consistently, currently our website is a DIY job Our supporters require better visibility than the current website permits, so any thoughts on how we could show our appreciation and thanks for their support is always a good thing


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Fosshost is a provider of free cloud hosting services to the free and open source software community. We advocate and promote the use of linux operating systems and software to more than 30 open source projects, which allows projects to be able to flourish and grow, without funding (or no funding at all) expensive hosting bills. We remove the worry many projects often have of when “free credits” will expire by giving projects a permanent home for all of their hosting and development needs. We are an inclusive project that sits firmly within the foss community and we believe in sharing our resources for common goals. Our community is global and we are in more than four countries which allows us to provide reach to projects in the USA, UK and Europe.