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Interaction design of online sponsorship app

I would love to get inout from a designer as to which deliverables are best, but here is some feedback we’ve received:

  • improved visibility for package listings
  • pricing needs to be visually distinct
  • buttons for different packages more obvious
  • better distinction between what benefits only come in a package and which ones are available for a la carte selection - people do not like the greyed out distinction that is currently there
  • one person even suggested removing the checkboxes, but adding a custom sponsorship selection that brings them back

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The PSF recently launched a new sponsorship app that allows companies to select from pre-set packages or to customize their benefits: Even though instructions are typed up at the top of the page, it is not clear to folks how to use this app intuitively.

Please email me a PDF of your resume or link to your online resume. I’d love to see past work you have done as well. including anything that is interaction for a user.