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Logo design & branding

Must Have

  • A primary logo (png, svg, ico files)
  • Inverted color scheme / black & white friendly color option
  • Logo with text / wordmark
  • A favicon sized version of the logo

Nice to Have

  • A Sticker design
  • Use Guidelines re: colors, etc
  • pip-ux@pypa.io

pip is the package installer for Python. You can use pip to install packages from the Python Package Index and other indexes. pip has never had a dedicated identity or logo, but the pip team would love to have a stronger visual identity and brand.

To help inform this, we ran a survey in Fall of 2020 to get community input into the identity of pip. Here are some of the survey findings to help guide logo & identity ideas:


  • A balance of youthfulness (27.5%) and maturity (25.1%)
  • Playful (31.5%) over sophisticated (20.3%)
  • Abstract (34.9%) over literal (18.5%)

How do you view pip?

Nouns Pip is

  • a manager, an installer, a librarian, a bee, a software, a program, a tool, a thing, a dog, a magic spell, a way, B, ACME, a buyer, a chain, an Italian chef, a CLI, the developer version of app store, the Etsy of Python software, the Play Store of Python, a command line, a vending machine, magic, savior, a ‘packagist’, a personal assistant, a source, a keeper (of package), the go-to place, the smart kid

Verbs that

  • install, manage and fetch (package), organize, download, load, resolve (dependencies), maintain, ease (pain), remove, centralize (libs), bring, deliver and provide (access to packages), distribute (libs and apps), improve (Python), take care (of dependencies),

Adjectives / Adverbs and is

  • must-have, slow, smart, capable, automated, default, heroic, standard, important, enormous, easiest, most common,
  • easily, safely, magically, friendly

Selected quotes:

  • “A tool to ease pain”
  • “A very smart dog capable of fetching anything. Or the accio spell if they’re a Harry Potter nerd.”
  • “Automated buyer of your shopping list”
  • “…an Italian chef pops into your kitchen with all the ingredients and recipes”
  • “Unlock the potential of python”
  • “Your window to the Python world”

If pip was an object, person or animal, what or who would it be?

Top 10 words used - by Frequency (times)

  1. Snake 35
  2. Python 20
  3. Pip 19
  4. Bird 12
  5. Package 12
  6. Owl 5
  7. Librarian 5
  8. Snake charmer 4
  9. Elephant 3
  10. Magpie 2
  11. Delivery guy 2

Object: robot, robot’s arm, rack, drawer, pneumatic tube, conveyor belt, beverage dispenser, pipe, box, crane, crate, gift package, house, mine cart, die, string, rubber band, tank truck, tap, toolbox, well, cargo boat, door, container, block, flute, card catalog, library index, lorry, trolley, trowel, vending machine, wrench

Person: delivery person, librarian, butler, hobbit, snake charmer, magician, bricklayer, electrician, lifter, herpetologist, Chef de cuisine, handyman, a pipsqueak, plumber, shepherd, waiter, facilitator, warehouse manager, Joe MacMillan, postman, store keeper, construction worker

Animal: snake, delivery snake, baby snake, baby python, python, chameleon, chicken, cobra, **elephant lizard, cat, kitten, squirrel, piggy, mouse, mole, octopus, mule, badger, bee, beaver, Monty Python rabbit, spider, dog, pug, puppy, Golden Retriever, donkey, hippo, horse, platypus, honey badger, penguin, a variety of birds including owl, magpie, parrot, crow, sandpiper

Other: python’s skin, heart beat, root, snake egg, Prometheus (the app), The Blue Racer, super market, beehive,

Selected quotes:

  • “A crow, or any kind of bird that collects shinnies for their nest. The logic is that people use it to fetch things to improve their scripts/programs, and a crow does the same for it’s nest”
  • “A magpie, gathering up shiny baubles.”
  • “A dog that always has your back but sometimes goes off on its own and makes mistakes you didn’t want it to !”
  • “A mail/package carrier who is a snake, obviously!”
  • “Mom (knows where things are located) 😬”
  • “A peppy and very smol animal (intentionally spelling small as ‘smol’ because memes). Maybe a big-eyed baby snake? Maybe a cute koala or something with a snake wrapped around its ankle?”
  • “an eight-armed raccoon (or other beastie who’s inclined to grab stuff)?”
  • Some say there is no need to present pip as a person or an animal, object is a better choice.

Inspiration to pull from:

  • Python-related
  • Fedora Linux, Git, Node.js, Postman
  • Conda logo
  • Coverage tool logo
  • Coveragepy Snake
  • Anything with fruits
  • Dropbox
  • Figma
  • Garden
  • Firefox
  • Github
  • Docker logo
  • Bower logo
  • Go gopher
  • Hadoop
  • Jenkins
  • Lacoste
  • Snyk dog
  • Tux the Linux penguin