Crazy Arms Radio Backend
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Logo design & branding

A logo both large and small and favicon, ideally.

  • David Cooper

  • Github: Documentation (not complete):

Crazy Arms Radio Backend is a flexible and fully featured Internet radio back-end written from the ground up. We’re looking for a logo for the project that’s nearing it’s initial launch. It’s an alternative to free and open source projects like AzuraCast or Librecast with some unique features that support fully decentralized stations – particularly useful at this time when most stations are functioning that way.

The name Crazy Arms comes from two places:

  1. An old Ray Price song that heavily features pedal steel. I’m a steel player.
  2. The central component to Crazy Arms is the harbor which intelligently chooses which stream to play based on priority. As one user said to me, “I think of this feature as robot taking several sources and deciding which one is best to broadcast” – a robot with crazy arms!