Monado XR Runtime
logo, branding, graphic design
Logo design & branding
  • A logo (in SVG) in both a full-color and single-color (mono/black-and-white) version. Should be suitable for use:
    • web branding
    • marketing slides, brochures, etc.
    • as part of Android app icon, notification icon
    • on a “hexie” (hexagonal sticker)
  • Preferably with color suggestions, and ideally open-source font suggestions (in some places we’ll presumably have the logo next to the word Monado)
  • We’d be really excited if there was a clear way to create a 3D model equivalent of it. That would be useful in 3D UI stuff.

The results will be licensed as a part of the Monado project.


Monado is an open-source runtime, focused on implementing the Khronos OpenXR standard in a fully open-source, permissively-licensed project. The project was founded by Collabora, so in some places (e.g. Khronos slide decks) the project gets represented by a Collabora logo right now, which isn’t great since we want it to be independent.

Right now we’re using a variety of placeholders for the logo (in some places a silly photo of a dog wearing an HMD, in others a sketch proposed by one of our devs) but as we’re approaching a 1.0 “conformant” release we’d like to get something properly done.

It should stand out, look sleek/futuristic, and also not be tied to a specific tech (head-mounted displays, etc) since wide-ranging hardware support and future development is anticipated. The payment is being funded by Collabora’s marketing department, so it should be marketing-friendly and appealing, of course.

Of course, as part of the Monado project, involvement is subject to the code of conduct:


I brain-dumped some key points the logo might flow from below.

  • Monado (name has no inherent meaning or relation to any other thing named Monado) is an open-source virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR/XR) runtime/system.
    • A community project founded and supported by Collabora.
    • Hosted under the umbrella
  • Open source
    • “free as in freedom”
    • modifiable
    • flexible
    • public
    • community
  • VR/AR/XR
    • Reality
    • Simulation
    • graphics rendering
    • interaction
    • Is an OpenXR runtime - so see their materials for inspiration as well - note the X is a V and A stacked (x is a placeholder, not an initial)
      • especially the “tshirt design”
    • do not focus on current hardware (e.g. headsets)
    • expanding reality
    • “unbounded”
    • concepts to consider:
      • grids
      • triangle “meshes”
      • 3D solids
      • 3D coordinate axes
      • X-Y-Z (conventionally associated with R-G-B respectively, and in OpenXR, x is right, y is up, and z is out of the screen toward you.)
  • Compatibility: intended to work on a wide range of devices and systems
    • unifying
    • universal