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logo design

A logo & a set of icons

  • Pierre-Louis (developer) pierre-louis.bonicoli@gmx.fr

  • Main website: https://www.fedeproxy.eu/ Forum: https://forum.fedeproxy.eu/ Forge: https://lab.enough.community/fedeproxy/server

Fedeproxy is an online service to federate forges.

Fedeproxy allows to synchronize software projects hosted on one forge with their counterparts on other forges. Developers can freely use the forge of their choosing while contributing to the same project. It operates independently from the forges.

The name of the tool alludes to:

The logo could reference an object of the forge/blacksmith semantic fields. The object could appear several times in order to carry the notion of federation/interconnection. The logo should not emphasize the “proxy” part, since it is an implementation details (meaning: how it works is less important than what it does).