The project is looking for design contributions of all kinds.

Check out for info on how to become a contributor

Join our OFN slack and join the #design-circle channel:

Head to the WIP welcome new designers board

Take a look at the design ‘potential initiatives’

The design function at OFN is very new and growing and as such is slow moving. This is a project that needs your design support but much is going to be ‘self started’ and while Eriol will be there to help guide you through an open source design project there is still a longer embdedding process that design needs to do before it can move through the ‘pipeline’ of OSS work in OFN quicker.

Join one of our volunteer onboarding calls that happen on every Thursday at alternating times for different timezones.

The first and third Thursdays of a month are at 09.00am GMT UK time. UK, EU, MENA, Pan-Africa, JST, AEST and India timezone friendly

The second and fourth Thursdays of a month are at 20.00 GMT UK time. All USA timezone friendly and late EU and Pan Africa timezone friendly.

In this zoom room: