Sustian OSS
cobranding, logo, apparel
Apparel and cobrand design

A design appropriate to be sublineated or screen printed onto a tee shirt that incorporates a visually appealing selection of colourways from the Sustain podcast series and/or other projects within the Sustian community (I can assist with gathering this information).



Sustian OSS is a community of practiioners and researchers working to create a world in which the software we all depend upon is suitably supported. We hold annual summits and amplify the work of those within the community through a regualr podcast:

This year we have been unable to host an annual event, and the format of these events is difficult to replicate virtually. But we would like to do something to mark another year of working on this problem and to celebrate the contributions made by the community.

This is an elaborate way of saying that, when looking at the above podcast page I see a Warhol-esque grid of Sustain’s logo coloured according to the brand of the project the guest is representing, and I think that a design like this would be eye catching, representative and really aligned with the philosophy we have at Sustian: that sustain is all of us.