web design, html, css, sphinx, pelican
Web design
  • Updated HTML/CSS templates for internal web pages (using Jinja templates, no external resources, no CSS/JS frameworks)
  • Optionally: Updated or ported design for Sphinx for the website/documentation
  • Optionally: New design for development blog (Pelican)
  • Florian Bruhin (maintainer) mail@qutebrowser.org

  • https://www.qutebrowser.org/ https://blog.qutebrowser.org/ https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/blob/master/qutebrowser/html/styled.html

The qutebrowser project is a web browser for power users, focused on keyboard usage. Its inspired by the vim editor and similar to projects like Tridactyl, Vimperator or Vimium.

As part of the browser, there are various internal web pages, e.g. to view bookmarks or history. The design of those pages is fairly inconsistent and could be improved.

Additionally, it’s planned to switch toolkits for the project’s website qutebrowser.org (from Asciidoc to Sphinx), so a redesign or porting of the existing design to Sphinx is needed. Finally, its development blog (blog.qutebrowser.org) has yet another design which is not in-line with the website.

It’d be great if you used similar projects before (and/or the vim editor, and/or commandline-tools in general), so that you can get a feeling for its userbase. Knowledge of the Python-related frameworks in use (Jinja, Sphinx, Pelican) would be a plus.