Giga – Connect every school to the Internet
user experience, full-time, contract
Web design, Interaction design, User experience

The team is looking for a UX Design Specialist with experience designing products across various devices and platforms for low-bandwidth or data-restricted environments. The UX Design Specialist will work with a range of data and blockchain related products. The candidate should exemplify a strong expertise in Agile/Lean practice and interaction design for websites, apps, data information systems, information architecture and systems mapping.

  • Work closely with the Giga tech team to continue a healthy, data-driven evolution and the global scale of current and future Giga products such as Project Connect and Blockchain.
  • Create and validate wireframes, low- and high-fidelity mockups that support the technical development of websites, applications, software, and dashboards while ensuring that branding and technical guidelines are upheld across these platforms.
  • Produce user personas, journey maps, scenarios, flows etc. to give shape to and communicate any preliminary idea.
  • Own user experience design lifecycle, from in-field prototype testing, MVP launch and ongoing, versioned iterations.
  • Coordinate the work of colleagues, vendors and/or external partners who will support or iterate on concepts already established by the Giga team, providing UX leadership, guidance and ensuring quality of their work.
  • Submit an application via the link. Application deadline is 07 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.


Launched in 2019 as a joint-initiative between UNICEF and ITU, Giga has set the ambitious goal to connect every school in the world to the internet. Giga focuses on connecting schools so that children and young people have access to information, opportunity, and choice.

We seek a creative, self-motivated UX Design Specialist who has a passion for…

  1. Maintaining strong, user-facing design sensibilities across products
  2. Collaborating with diverse interdisciplinary team to communicate and execute ideas

The UX Design Specialist will own Giga’s and Project Connect’s foundational product design research and ideation, see it through from MVP launch, and data-driven, iterative improvements. The UX Design Specialist will also collaborate with Giga team and its partners to advise on new products or solutions that will help Project Connect achieve the ambitious goal of connecting every school, and every community to the Internet. Our team takes large ideas and makes them a reality; being able to communicate complex and abstract ideas using data-driven decisions and clear visual, verbal and written language is crucial.